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3.6 to 4.x , 7230, 8700g and 8800
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Miscellaneous Products
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BlackBerry is the leading wireless solution that allows users to stay connected to a full suite of applications, including email, phone, enterprise applications, Internet, Short Messaging Service (SMS), and organiser information. BlackBerry is a totally integrated package that includes innovative software, advanced BlackBerry devices and wireless network service, providing a seamless solution.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server software tightly integrates with Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, and Novell GroupWise while working with other existing enterprise systems to enable push-based access of wireless email and data. It allows users to securely send and receive email and information from enterprise data stores and applications. BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides simplified management and centralised control of the wireless environment with industry-standard performance monitoring capabilities, administrative tools, and wirelessly-enabled IT policies. BlackBerry Enterprise Server also enables several other productivity enhancements, including attachment viewing for popular file formats, wireless calendar synchronisation, and remote address lookup, and allows IT departments to benefit from a scalable and flexible solution that meets their evolving wireless requirements.

BlackBerry devices are built on industry-leading wireless technology, allowing users to receive email and information automatically with no need to request for delivery. Additionally, users are notified when new information arrives, making it easier to stay informed.

Advice on the use of the BlackBerry solution within Australian Government can be found on the AGIMO website at:

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