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PC Security Products
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BlockIt is a software-only security system for an IBM PC or compatible booting MS-DOS v2.1 or higher. It provides protection through the encryption of the hard drive, with users being required to go through a login process before access to (and decryption of) data on the drive is allowed. Users can be restricted to using only administrator-specified files or directories on the disk, with access to the floppy drives being similarly restricted. Further control of access to applications is provided through a hierarchical menu system. 

Software-implemented DES encryption is used on a file-by-file basis, while a proprietary algorithm is used for the full disk encryption. The DES encryption option must be used for the protection of sensitive classified data. 

Checksums are used to ensure none of the files necessary for a secure boot process are modified. An audit trail is provided which can be configured to record most user actions.

Please Note: The Security Target and Certification Report for this product is currently unavailable. For further information please contact