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CA-Open Ingres and Open INGRES/ Enhanced Security

Release 1.2
Product Type
Trusted Database Management Systems
Product Status
Assurance Level
Product Description

Open INGRES/Enhanced Security 1.2 is a fully featured multi-level Relational database Management System offering an ANSI compliant SQL interface. In addition to the Standard Discretionary Access Controls (DAC), it provides Security Auditing and Mandatory Access Control (MAC) features. When used in conjunction with an F-B1 operating system it is intended to provide security for systems requiring F-B1 functionality.

INGRES/Enhanced Security acts as a vital component of a secure system by providing a set of database security functions that cover the areas of identification, DAC, MAC, Accountability, Audit and Object Reuse. These security functions are described in detail in the Security Target. When used with an F-C2 operating system, Open INGRES 1.2 provides F-C2 functionality, in applications where there is no requirement for MAC. The product provides support for a variety of decision support and application tools, including OpenINGRES/Replicator, Open ROAD products (such as Vision and Windows4GL) as well as various third generation languages, although these are not under evaluation.

These products provide security within the database application itself. Trusted DBMSs are evaluated in conjunction with specific operating systems platforms (not as add-on products). The evaluation rating is valid only for the evaluated configuration.