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Cisco Unified Wireless Network & Wireless Intrusion Prevention System

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The Cisco Unified Wireless Network & Wireless Intrusion Prevention System is a high performance WLAN system that supports enterprise class voice, video and data networking with end-to-end security and information assurance. The solution includes high performance 802.11n Cisco Clean Air Access Points with integrated Spectrum Intelligence; WLAN Controllers with centralized Radio Frequency control; Wireless Network Management for unifying all WLAN configuration and security management; Mobility Services for real time context aware and location services; Wireless Intrusion Prevention; and Outdoor Wireless with secure mesh backhaul and WiFi access.

The Target of Evaluation (TOE) , is the Cisco Unified Wireless Network & Wireless Intrusion Prevention System release, including: Cisco Aironet 3502i, 3502e, 1262, 1252, 1142 AGN access points, 1242, 1131 AG access points, and 1552, 1524, 1522 AG outdoor mesh access points; Cisco Wireless LAN Controller 5508; Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers 4402, 4404 and; Cisco Wireless Integrated Services Module (WiSM), and WiSM2.

The scope of the DCE included the following functionality; 


Data Confidentiality;

Data Integrity.

NOTE: The Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) component of the CUWN was deemed out of scope for the purpose of the DCE, as the WIPS does not include any cryptographic functionality.


The Target of Evaluation (TOE) has undergone the following changes through the assurance continuity process:

1) May 2013: WLAN version changed to - minor bug fixes were applied.

2) Oct 2013 (second maintenance): WLAN version - Access Point (AP) model 1552 was added and guidance document updated.