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Cisco WLAN 8.0

Product Type
Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
Product Status
Assurance Level
Protection Profile
Product Components
TOE Hardware Models Cisco 2504, 5508, 7510, 8510, and WiSM2 Controllers; Cisco 1142, 1262, 1530, 1552, 1570 series, 1600 series, 1700 series, 2600 series, 2700 series, 3502, 3600 series with 3000M add-on module, and 3700 series APs, and ISR 891 Integrated AP
Product Description

The Target of Evaluation (TOE) is a Wireless LAN (WLAN) Access System comprised of multiple products operating together to provide secure wireless access to wired and wireless networks end-to-end wireless encryption, and centralized administration of all WLAN controllers and APs in the system.

The TOE is comprised of four main components and includes all the software and hardware on each component. A Cisco WLAN Access System deployment includes one or more Wireless Controllers each of which controls multiple APs, one or more Access Points (APs) to provide connectivity to wireless clients.

Among the models of each component type (controllers and APs), the differences (such as throughput and amount of storage) are not relevant to the security functions claimed in this evaluation. The models of each component type each run the same software versions with the same security functionality, so the models and are functionally equivalent.