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CustomLoc HI-SPEED with "Australian Government version" encryption option

Product Type
Endorsed Cryptographic Products
Product Status
Assurance Level
Product Description

CustomLoc provides security on an IBM-PC through a combination of software and hardware. Users must authenticate themselves via a password when first logging onto the machine, and are then presented with a comprehensive menu system, restricting the actions they can perform. All access to a DOS prompt can be removed from users, along with the ability to shell to DOS from applications. 

Access control to files, directories and disks can be set on a user by user basis, and control of low level disk reads and writes can help prevent virus attacks. 

Intruders are prevented from looking at the disk through the encryption of the partition record and through the full encryption of all data on the disk.

CustomLoc also provides auditing facilities, keyboard locks, screen blanking and protection against object re-use. The HI-SPEED encryption is suitable for the protection of sensitive classified data.

These products have only had cryptographic functionality evaluated and no assurance is given regarding any other mechanisms present in the product.

For cryptographic products which have had all aspects evaluated, refer to the relevant sections (e.g. Network Security, PC Security).

The following products are approved for protecting non-national security information, and in consultation with DSD, RESTRICTED information. Contact DSD regarding the provision of keying material.