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CSM CyberArmor

Product Type
Data Protection
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Product Description

The TOE is CyberArmor 3.0.0, a data protection product commercialised by CyberSecurity Malaysia for securing plaintext messages between two parties communicating using short messaging service (SMS). The TOE consists of two major components, CyberArmor App and CyberArmor Management Server.

The CyberArmor App is an application that is integrated with the SMS Message list inside BlackBerry as a menu item that allows users to encrypt an SMS for an intended recipient/recipients. The recipient needs to have the same application installed in order to decrypt the encrypted SMS. This operation is password protected. This password is set earlier during the configuration process.

The CyberArmor Management Server consists of organisation and user management functions such as registration, deactivation, and downloading of contacts. It also consists of key management functionality where keys can be generated, activated, deactivated, and distributed to users.  The TOE installer for BlackBerry can be downloaded by the user, via a link in an email sent by the CyberArmor server.