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Cyberguard Firewall

Product Type
Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
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Product Description

CyberGuard Firewall is a network security product that provides users with Internet and intranet access control, monitoring and network security. This assists users to gain access to the Internet without the potential disadvantages that can be caused by the vagaries of other Internet users. 

CyberGuard Firewall runs on a secure operating system and network products, originally evaluated to NCSC B1 and now subject to the US National Computer Security Centre (NCSC) Ratings Maintenance Phase (RAMP). CyberGuard is designed to reduce the area of risk to a single system; it operates as a stateful packet filtering gateway, a proxy gateway, and a bastion host in a multi-system environment. For example, when located between an internal network and an intranet and/or the Internet, it provides protection of a government department's computing resources and data. 

Evaluated features include: 

  • Network application proxies (Telnet, FTP, SMTP, HTTP, NNTP); 
  • Network packet filtering; 
  • Support for TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP and other protocols; 
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) to hide the user's internal network devices from external view; 
  • Split Domain Name Services (DNS); 
  • Address/machine name masking; 
  • Alarms on suspicious activities; 
  • Multiple network interfaces; and 
  • An easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) administration facility. 

The CyberGuard Firewall maintains a comprehensive, administrator configurable audit trail of relevant events including any attempts to violate the local security policy. Alarms for each auditable event may be directed to the console, a file, mail, window, SNMP trap or can invoke a shell command. 

The GUI provides the means to specify the load filtering rules, display current configuration and status, display firewall statistics, perform auditing, and set alarms which notify an administrator of specific network events. 

The CyberGuard Firewall has been evaluated on both the NH 4000 and NH 5000 platforms, available tower and rack-mounting packaging. 

Please Note: The Security Target and Certification Report for this product is currently unavailable. For further information please contact the AISEP.