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Cybertrust UniCERT

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Cybertrust's UniCERT is an open, scalable PKI/Cryptography standards compliant server for generating, issuing and revoking digital certificates in response to requests received from clients.

UniCERT provides all the functionality needed to implement a PKI system, that is, a system that provides registration, PKI management and certification authority functions. This can then be used to manage all the keys necessary for a system requiring security for end users, such as a secure messaging system, or security on Web browsers. UniCERT provides the ability to set up a centralised or a distributed PKI for organisations of any size.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) provides the core framework for a wide variety of components, applications, policies and practices to combine and achieve the four principal security functions for commercial transactions:

  • Confidentiality: to keep information private
  • Integrity: to prove that information has not been manipulated
  • Authentication: to prove the identity of an individual or application
  • Non-repudiation: to ensure that information cannot be disowned

Lack of security is often cited as a major barrier to the growth of e-commerce, which can only be built on the confidence that comes from knowing that all transactions are protected by these core functions. By providing the functionality to implement and manage a PKI system,UniCERT helps to address this issue.