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Destroy & Destroy Lite

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PC Security Products
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Destroy is an Australian designed, developed and supported software product, that securely removes all data from PC computer hard disks in such a way that the risk of data recovery is significantly reduced

Destroy has been developed to comply with the Federal Government's Australian Communications-Electronic Security Instructions 33 (ACSI 33), Handbook 6 Media Security, where the program performs passes of writing binary zeros and then binary ones, with a verify at the end of each write, then does a final pass of writing random characters over the drive. The drive ends up with a total of seven passes for Destroy and three for Destroy Lite.

On start-up Destroy interrogates the BIOS to determine the reported number of drives and their capacity. Destroy then physically checks the hard disk(s) to determine the actual physical capacity and overwrites the drive(s) including any hidden tracks (cylinders) based on these parameters. The only requirement is that the BIOS is configured to know a hard disk is installed.

Both Destroy products come with Windows based utility, called "DVC" - Destroy Validation Check. This is provided to perform an integrity check of the Destroy program to ensure it has not been changed prior to each use.

DVC has an inbuilt key, termed "DVK" or the Destroy Validation Key that is compared with the hash of the Destroy program calculated by the utility. If the calculated hash is different to the DVK then an error message is displayed. A printed copy of the DVK is also provided with the Destroy and DVC programs.