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Emerson Network Power Avocent SwitchView

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Product Type
Peripheral Switch
Product Status
Assurance Level
High Assurance
Product Description

The Emerson Network Power Avocent SwitchView SC620, SC640, SC740, SC680 and SC780 KVM products provide the ability to use one console with up to eight different hosts. The SC640 is the direct replacement for the SC4UAD. These products provide separation between systems such that a single console can be used without the risk of data from one system transferring to another. The architecture of the switch isolates the data of each connected system at all times. The products implement dual‐link DVI‐I and USB connections. There are options for two, four or eight port products with single or dual video.

520-866-502 (2 Port SC620 device); 
520-869-502 (4 Port SC640 device);
520-868-502 (4 Port Dual Head SC740 device);
520-865-502 (8 port SC680 device); and, 
520-867-502 (8 port Dual Head SC780 device).