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FortiGate SoC2 appliances running FortiOS

Product Type
Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
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Product Description

The Target of Evaluation (TOE) is FortiGate SoC2 appliances running FortiOS 5.4.
The TOE is designed to provide next-generation firewall services ensuring network protection for Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) networks. The TOE is capable of robust filtering based on information contained in IPv4, IPv6, ICMPv4, ICMPv6, TCP and UDP headers as specified by their respective RFC’s. Additionally the TOE is capable of content inspection of FTP and H.323 protocols to work with the dynamic nature of these protocols.

The following TOE hardware platforms are claimed for this evaluation.
• FortiGate-30D;
• FortiGate-30D-PoE;
• FortiWiFi-30D;
• FortiGate-60D;
• FortiGate-Rugged-60D;
• FortiWiFi-60D;
• FortiGate-90D;
• FortiGate-90D-PoE;
• FortiWiFi-90D; and
• FortiWiFi-90D-PoE.