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HDS Trade; Series Multiple Logical Processor Facility Trade; (MLPF) Trade; Phase 5

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Other Mainframe Security Products
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MLPF is a firmware feature that allows various guest operating systems to operate independently on the same processor complex, by logically defining portions of main storage, expended storage and the channels of a single physical processor complex to multiple logical processors. When installed on HDS EX Series processors, MLPF enables up to seven logical partitions to be defined in single processor mode operation, and up to fourteen logical partitions to be defined in processor complexes that are physically partitioned. MLPF frames display logical partition (LPAR) status and enable the operator to define and supervise the LPARs from the system master console. LPAR control commands, available to the operator, are used to control LPAR operations through the LPAR frames. The operation of MLPF within a processor complex is transparent to the users.