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SDV182A, LS100
Product Type
Data Protection
Product Status
Assurance Level
High Assurance
Product Components
Part Number - SDV182A03MW3-nn-104
Part Number - SDV182A03MW3-nnn-105
Model Number - LS100
Consumer Guide
Product Description

The High Grade Silicon Data Vault (HGSDV) is a hardware-based hard disk drive encryption product that can be used to reduce the classification and storage requirements of classified data at rest. Data protection is provided by the AES-128 cryptographic algorithm. To log in to a laptop containing a HGSDV a user must provide two factors of authentication, a password and an appropriate CD token.

In accordance with Australian Government policy, the HGSDV has been found suitable to allow:

  • SECRET data to be stored and handled as UNCLASSIFIED FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY data;
  • CONFIDENTIAL and PROTECTED data to be stored and handled as UNCLASSIFIED data;

when the HGSDV is not powered up.

Note: The HGSDV will not reduce the storage and handling requirements of TOP SECRET data.