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Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX Version 10.20 is an X/Open UNIX 95 branded product, meaning that it conforms with X/Open's Single UNIX Specification (SPEC1170). In addition HP-UX 10.20 complies with such standards as X/Open Portability Guide Issue IV Base Profile (XPG4), OSF AES, IEEE POSIX 1003.1 and 1003.2, SVID 3 level 1 APIs as well as all major de facto APIs such as BSD 4.3. HP-UX 10.20 is designed to exceed the ITSEC F-C2 functionality class, with the following notable extensions:

  • Terminal-based user Authentication
  • Time-based User Authentication
  • Boot Authentication
  • Access Control Lists
  • 'Green book' compliant Password Management - generation and encryption

HP-UX 10.20 is supported across the full range of HP9000 Workstations and Servers. HP-UX Version 10.20 on a single workstation or server in a standalone mode has been evaluated under the UK ITSEC scheme and has met the requirements of ITSEC Assurance Level E3 and Functionality Class F-C2. Restricted SAM, X-Windows and HP-VUE were excluded from the evaluation.


Please Note: The Security Target and Certification Report for this product is currently unavailable. For further information please contact