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iKey 2032 USB Token

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PKI Products
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The iKey 2032 USB Token is a secure two-factor USB authentication device. With two-factor authentication, the user requires two elements of identification – the iKey itself and the iKey's PIN.

Smart tokens are technologically identical to smart cards with the exception of their form factor and interface. Having a USB interface means no reader is required.

iKey smart tokens specifically support Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) by providing on-board cryptographic key generation; secure storage of key pairs and X.509 digital certificates; and performing digital signature signing operations on-board.

Australian Government users should note that both the DES and 3DES algorithms were employed in the course of the iKey evaluation. However, only the 3DES algorithm is a "DSD Approved Cryptographic Algorithm", suitable for Australian Government use, as per ACSI 33.

New Zealand Government users should contact the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) for advice.