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INFORMIX- OnLine Dynamic Server

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INFORMIX-OnLine Dynamic Server version 7.23 is a multi-threaded database server designed to exploit the capabilities of both symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) and uniprocessor architecture to deliver database scalability, manageability and performance. OnLine Dynamic Server'score technology is based on INFORMIX's Dynamic Scalable Architecture (DSA) which provides a parallel database architecture for distributed enterprise - from the desktop to departments to the data centre. DSA is designed explicitly to help the management of increasingly larger and more complex databases while improving overall system performance and scalability.

OnLine Dynamic Server provides transaction processing and decision support through parallel data query (PDQ) technology, high availability, data integrity, mainframe-calibre administration and client/server - all within a single, client/server-ready package. It supports Informix's entire line of SQL-based application development tools and a large number of third party tools.

The product is designed to be portable across E2/F-C2 UNIX platforms. Tailoring the product to specific platforms involves changes to a small and well defined set of source modules requiring a minimal amount of re-evaluation. The product was evaluated on DEC UNIX V4.0c.

Please Note: The Security Target for this product is currently unavailable. For further information please contact