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Interactive Link

Product Type
Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
Product Status
Assurance Level
Product Description

The Interactive Link permits a user to gain interactive access to applications and data of two networks of different security levels from a single workstation and to transfer data from the low level network to the high level network.

The user's workstation is connected to the high level network and to the low level network via the Interactive Link Keyboard Switch.  The user may simultaneously run applications in windows on both the high and the low level networks and view the results on the same workstation monitor.  Cut & Paste and File Transfer is possible from the low level network to the high level network.  In a dual cabled environment, the Interactive Link protects the information contained on the high level network by strictly enforcing the security objective that information must not leak from the high to the low level network.

The Interactive Link consists of a Data Diode Device, a Keyboard Switch and software.  The Data Diode Device allows data from the low level network to pass to the high level network but not in reverse.  The Keyboard Switch allows the user to direct keyboard and mouse data to either the low level network or the high level network.  The Keyboard Switch also provides visual indication of the network currently being accessed.  The software (resident on supporting Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) servers) provides communications and network support.

Ace Modifications

IL Version 3.0 Release 3.0.2
IL Version 4.0 Release 4.0.0
IL Version 4.0 Release 4.0.1
IL Version 4.1 Release 4.1.0
IL Version 4.1 Release 4.1.1
IL Version 4.1 Release 4.1.2
IL Version 5.0 Release 5.0.0
IL Version 5.1 Release 5.1.0
IL Version 5.1 Release 5.1.1
IL Version 5.2 Release 5.2.0


For further information on the scope of ACE for this product please refer to the Certification Extension Report or contact AISEP at [email protected] .