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Juniper Networks IC Series UAC Appliances

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Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
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Product Description

The TOE is the IC Series UAC Appliances Version 3.0. The TOE is the central control point for Juniper Network’s Unified Access Control (UAC) solution. Users can contact the TOE with a variety of clients in order to request network access. The TOE authenticates users and retrieves the access policies for those users. It can rely on internal authentication tables or access external authentication servers. The TOE also assesses the health of a user’s host machine and compares it to the policies in order to determine the allowed network access. It then communicates with a variety of enforcement points to enforce the network access constraints. Enforcement points include Juniper packet filters configured on the endpoints, Juniper firewalls and any vendor’s 802.1X enabled switches or wireless access points.

In order to comply with the evaluated configuration, the following hardware and software components should be used:




Hardware Infranet Controller 4500, 6500, or 6500 FIPS
Software Version 3.0