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Junos for SRX and LN Series Platforms

12.1 X46 D20.6
Product Type
Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
Product Status
Assurance Level
Protection Profile
Product Components
Hardware platforms: SRX100,SRX110,SRX210,SRX220,SRX240,SRX550 and SRX650; LN1000, LN2600(same CPU and crypto processor as SRX650); SRX5400,SRX5600 and SRX5800 with SPC-4-15-320
Product Description

The TOE is Juniper Networks, Inc. Junos 12.1 X46 D20.6 for SRX and LN Series Platforms which primarily supports the definition of, and enforces, information flow policies among network nodes. The routers provide for stateful inspection of every packet that traverses the network and provide central management to manage the network security policy.