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SCS-100 & SCS-200

Product Type
Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
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Assurance Level
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Product Description

The Target of Evaluation (TOE) is a series of embedded hardware devices which provide secure IP-based communication services over the internet.

When deployed, the TOE forms a secure DMPV mesh network with other SCS devices, either via direct connection or over an internet connection. The TOE provides a combination of routing functionality for an "all in one' mobile secure network solution. The TOE provides three network domains, each segregated by separate VPNs. Each of these networks is intended for use with increasingly sensitive data and with each afforded commensurate increased data protection.

The TOE encompasses two products:

  • The SCS-100 is designed with size and portability in mind. It provides secure communication services for a single user.  
  • The SCS-200 provides secure communication services for one to four users. The SCS-200 also provides the ability to make use of external cryptographic modules. The SCS-200 includes two touch screen interfaces, allowing two separate configurations simultaneously.

Please note the evalution of firewall and VPN gateway functionalities were not part of this evaluation.

See product website for more information