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McAfee Endpoint Encryption Version (previously SafeBoot Device Encryption)

Product Type
PC Security Products
Product Status
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Product Description

McAfee Endpoint Encryption is a disk encryption system for personal computers running the Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000 Professional operating systems. It prevents data stored on a PC’s hard disk from being accessed by an unauthorised person. McAfee Endpoint Encryption takes control of a user’s hard disk away from the resident operating system, encrypting data written to the disk and encrypting data read from the disk.

The specific security functions provided by the McAfee Endpoint Encryption product are:

User Access Control: Users are required to authenticate themselves by providing a valid identifier and password before gaining access to the PC\'s data. A PC may be locked by activating the McAfee Endpoint Encryption

Client screen saver. Subsequent unlocking requires authentication by the user.

User Authentication: Provides the user password authentication mechanism by checking a password against a securely stored value associated with the user.

Management of the Product by a User: Uses the password authentication mechanism to enable a user to change his password as part of the logon process.

Hard Disk Encryption: The hard disk of the PC running the McAfee Endpoint Encryption product is encrypted to prevent unauthorised access to data stored on the PC.

Hard Disk Encryption Key Management: Manages the generation and destruction of hard disk encryption keys. The key is stored encrypted and is decrypted as required.

Administrative Access Control and Secure Management: Concerns the management of the PC running the McAfee Endpoint Encryption product via the administration secure management interface over a secure session using authenticated message exchange.

Audit: The McAfee Endpoint Encryption product maintains an audit log listing events that have occurred on the PC.

Self-Protection of the Product: Concerns the functions that protect the PC running the McAfee Endpoint Encryption product to help maintain its integrity in the event of hardware failure or communications link failure.


(Evaluated as SafeBoot Device Encryption for PCs, version 5.0)