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Microsoft Windows Mobile

Product Type
Mobile Products
Product Status
Assurance Level
Assurance Level Notes
(augmented by ALC_FLR.1)
Product Description

Windows Mobile 6.1 is a compact operating system for use on phones and mobile devices that allows users to stay connected to corporate information, and do business on the go in a secure manner.

Windows Mobile 6.1 deliver greater productivity with a number of features, which include:

  • Applications and services: the Windows Mobile operating system can be used to securely synchronise and access email, contacts and calendar whilst away from the office;
  • Secure mobile and enterprise access: security mechanisms provide controlled access to the mobile device and to securely connect the mobile device to trusted enterprise assets.
  • Device data protection: data is protected while in transit between the mobile device and the corporate network, and while at rest on the mobile device and its external storage card.
  • Device application control: protection mechanisms prevent unauthorised code from being installed or executed on the mobile device.
  • Device security management: security policies allow mobile devices to be configured to corporate standards.
  • Device wipe: mobile device data may be wiped, either remotely or locally, in response to a device compromise.

Where Windows Mobile 6.1 is intended to take advantage of its EAL4 assurance, it should be used in composition with an EAL4 evaluated mobile device (handset). Further information is provided in the Certification Report.