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ICs, Smart Cards and Smart Card related Devices and Systems
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This release of Keycorp's MULTOS smartcard operating system maintains the same security functionality as the previously certified version, but includes several enhancements. The use of a next-generation hardware platform delivers increased runtime performance for applications, more memory for applications, and decreased personalisation time over the previously certified version (1NPrime). It also includes a number of popular applications embedded in ROM, further increasing the amount of effective non-volatile memory that is available for use. Keycorp MULTOS was designed to conform to the MULTOS specification developed by MONDEX International and licensed to the MULTOS Consortium ( The MULTOS system supports multiple applications on the one card and is specifically designed to provide a high level of application security.

The MULTOS operating system provides:

  • Confidentiality of application content while an application is being transmitted from the application supplier to the card;
  • Verification of application content from application supplier to the card;
  • Prevention of unauthorised load of applications;
  • Confidentiality of application content from other applications that are on the card;
  • Transaction protection to protect updates of critical application data;
  • Primitives for DES and Triple-DES encryption/decryption and fast RSA encryption/decryption with key lengths up to 1024 bits; and
  • Prevention of unauthorised deletion of applications.

MULTOS defines an application language that is common across all MULTOS smartcards. Therefore applications developed for MULTOS do not need to be changed for MULTOS cards with differing smartcard ICs.