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Novell IntranetWare (Netware 4.11 Server) with IntranetWare Support Pack 3A and Directory services Update DS.NLM v5.90, DSREPAIR.NLM v4.48 and ROLLCALL NLM v4.10

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Operating System Products
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NetWare 4.11 Server performs the server role described in the Network Security Architecture and Design (NSAD) for the NetWare Network System. The NetWare Network System is a complete network system that is designed to satisfy the requirements of TNI Class C2, along with ITSEC E2/F-C2. It consists of one or more C2-evaluated client workstations, at least one C2-evaluated administrative workstation, and one or more Novell NetWare servers operating securely in a collaborative fashion across a network.

NetWare 4.11 Server's core services include security, directory, routing, messaging, management, and file services. It offers flexible discretionary access controls, public key-based authentication, and configurable audit. It also provides printing services with each printer directly connected to a server and shared by a single group of users.

NetWare 4.11 Server includes and supports no untrusted software. It runs on a wide range of computers (including Intel and compatible 386, 486, Pentium, and Pentium Pro - based platforms), in conjunction with a wide variety of network interface cards, in a variety of different types, sizes and makes of computer systems.

Novell NetWare 4.11 Server also provides advanced cryptographic services. These services include protection of passwords and data while in transit. The cryptographic services, however, have no role in enforcing any of the evaluated security policies and hence were not analysed as part of this evaluation.

The following products are general purpose Operating Systems which have been evaluated by the US National Computer Security Centre against the US Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC) or by the UK IT Security Evaluation and Certification Scheme. DSD can provide advice on how these products can be used as part of an overall trusted system.