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PacketLight PL2000 Series with Firmware v1.3.12

Product Type
Data Protection
Product Status
In evaluation
Assurance Level
Assurance Level Notes
Augmented with ALC_FLR.1
Product Description

The TOE is the Packetlight PL2000 Series Layer 1 security appliance. The PL-2000AD, PL-2000M and the PL-2000ADS are three product variations of the PL-2000x clone. The product variants run the same firmware and provide the same security functions and mechanisms with minor changes in the network ports.

The PL-2000x series are a 200G multi-protocol 1U MSPP transponder/muxponder device that provides a secure transport solution for long haul (PL-2000AD), metro (PL-2000M) and short-haul (PL-2000ADS) applications. Any data communicated between two connected instances of a TOE is aggregated and encrypted at Layer-1 to ensure secure communication between two devices. The encryption can be per service or per the entire link.