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SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise FIPS Edition

6.612, 6.615
Product Type
Data Protection
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Product Description

***PLEASE NOTE: This product is no longer available for sale***


Cruzer Enterprise FIPS Edition is a security product that caters to the security requirements of government agencies and financial institutions. It is principally an encrypted USB flash drive used for securely storing files on a portable media.

Instead of relying on end users to secure individual files on their own discretion, the SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise FIPS Edition stores all files in a secure partition implementing a 256-bit hardware-based AES encryption and decryption of data on request.

The physical device housing the hardware and software is sealed with epoxy glue so that the cryptographic key stored on the drive is also protected from physical tampering attempts and any such attempt is visually obvious to the user.

End users are authenticated with a password mechanism. If the end user is not successfully authenticated, access to the decryption function for recovering the encrypted files is denied. Several consecutive failed authentication attempts is interpreted as a password guessing attack and causes the TOE to enter a Lockdown mode. In Lockdown mode, all access requests are denied except recovery using the Central Management and Control (CMC) software.