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SCO CMW+ running on Elonex PC590/1, Elonex PC575/1 and Unisys SMP 5400 workstations

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Operating System Products
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SCO CMW+ is a complete line of trusted workstation, server and development environment based on SCO Open Desktop/Open Server 3.0 with CMW+ security enhancements and MaxSix secure networking software. SCO CMW+ is a multi-level, multi-user, multi-tasking operating system that runs on 386/486/Pentium platforms. It is designed to meet and exceed the functionality requirements of the pre-defined ITSEC F-B1 functionality class.

SCO CMW+ provides the following functions:

  • Mandatory Access Control 
  • Discretionary Access Control 
  • Least Privilege 
  • Audit 
  • Data Interchange (import/export) 
  • Trusted Administrative Roles 
  • Identification and Authentication 
  • Trusted Recovery 
  • Access Control Lists 
  • Trusted Window System (trusted path)

The following products are general purpose Operating Systems which have been evaluated by the US National Computer Security Centre against the US Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC) or by the UK IT Security Evaluation and Certification Scheme. DSD can provide advice on how these products can be used as part of an overall trusted system.