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SDV18A Laptop SDV - LD10d, SDV181B Laptop SDV - LU10d , SDV182A Laptop SDV - LS10

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PC Security Products
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Product Description

The SDV is a hardware-based solution that ensures all functions enforcing the security model during normal user operations are performed in a trusted domain separate from the host Personal Computer (PC) and Operating System (OS) domains. The SDV provides data access control and secure storage of data on the protected hard disk drive (HDD). The SDV facilitates the separation of data allowing control of access to data based on user identity and defined access rights. This data separation uses the partitioning capabilities of the HDD as well as cryptographic separation of partitions to enable segregation and access control.

The SDV operates independently of the host PC's resources, providing real-time encryption and decryption of all data transferred to and from the protected HDD. This ensures the data stored on the protected HDD is cryptographically secured at rest, even if the SDV or protected HDD are physically removed from the system.

The SDV controls access to the protected HDD by isolating it from the PC motherboard, intercepting all disk access instructions and data. User profiles are created with the required access rights defined for each user. Access to all data, including the OS, is controllable, with users required to authenticate prior to being allowed access to any data on the protected HDD. When the host PC attempts to read from or write to the protected HDD, the SDV grants or denies access based on the access rights of the currently authenticated user profile.

The SDV provides management functions for configuring and administering the SDV such as user creation, enabling encryption and accessing audit records. The SDV creates a trusted environment for performing all management tasks. Management tasks are performed using the PC on which the SDV is installed.

The existing SDV product range consists of four models:

  • SDV18A Laptop SDV - LD10d and SDV181B Laptop SDV - LU10d: The SDV is supplied as a 2.5" HDD replacement that connects internally to the PC via the IDE bus.
  • SDV182A Laptop SDV - LS10: The SDV is supplied as a 2.5" HDD replacement that connects internally to the PC via the SATA bus.

SDV18A Laptop SDV - LD10d
SDV181B Laptop SDV - LU10d
SDV182A Laptop SDV - LS10