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SecurNET HSP Series Models: C8800500, C8810500, C8820500 and C885040

Product Type
Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
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Product Description

The SecurNET HSP series are high-speed, hardware DES based encryptors designed to secure connections for Local and Wide Area Networks (LANs and WANs). The encryptors are independent of other network equipment and provide encryption at the IP layer for end-to-end connectivity. Closed User Groups can be set up to selectively pass, encrypt or block IP traffic. 

A hardware based random noise source is used to generate session keys which are regularly exchanged. All units are initialised with a secret key provided by an authorised source. The encryptors have tamper prevention mechanisms to prevent unauthorised access.

The security policy can be configured on a host, subnet, or network basis using IP addresses. It can be maintained independently from other data communications equipment and applications.

The SecurNET HSP can interoperate with the SecurPAC IEM for secure remote access. This means secure intranet's and even Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can be established over the Internet.

A Frame Relay only version is also available. This encrypts at the Frame Relay level on an individual DLCI basis. A Closed User Group can be configured to selectively pass, encrypt, or block Frame Relay frames.

This series of products supports V.35, RS422, X.21/V.11 and V.24 connections for Frame Relay, and AUI connections for Ethernet. The speeds supported range from 0 to 2 Mbps for Frame Relay and up to 10 Mbps for Ethernet.

Please Note: The Security Target and Certification Report for this product is currently unavailable. For further information please contact