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Skybox Security Suite

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Other Devices and Systems
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Product Components
Skybox Server, Skybox Manager and Skybox Collector
Product Description

The TOE is Skybox™ Security Suite 9.0, a Security Operations, Analytics and Reporting Solution providing attack surface visualization and a suite of security analytics solutions for vulnerability, threat and security policy management. 

Skybox™ Security provides security professionals with a suite of solutions for security operations, analytics and reporting. Skybox integrates over a hundred networking and security technology organizations, and merges the data into a dynamic network model of an organization’s attack surface, giving comprehensive visibility of public, private and hybrid IT environments.

Skybox provides the context needed for informed action, combining attack vector analytics and threat-centric vulnerability intelligence to continuously assess vulnerabilities in the environment and correlate them with exploits in the wild. This makes the accurate prioritization and mitigation of imminent threats a systematic process, decreasing the attack surface and enabling swift response to exposures that truly put an organization at risk.