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ICs, Smart Cards and Smart Card related Devices and Systems
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Giesecke & Devrient has developed the Smart Card Chip Operating System/Standard with Public Key extension, version number 2.3 (STARCOS SPK 2.3) as a complete multi-application operating system for smart cards.

The STARCOS SPK 2.3 card is manufactured in Australia and has the following features:

  • Fast on-card generation of asymmetric key pairs up to 1024 bit key length. Protection against manipulation of keys and digital signatures.
  • RSA signature generation/verification and RSA encipher/decipher according to PKCS#1 and ISO 9796-2.
  • Support of SHA-1: on-card padding of imported SHA-1 values plus calculation of last SHA-1 hash cycle on card.
  • RSA encipher/decipher up to 1024 bit key length.
  • Access control via user authentication by PIN mechanism and support of transport PIN mechanism for secure delivery.
  • Definition of access conditions: card blocking and card terminate state.
  • Loading of additional key pairs into the card and termination of single keys.
  • Contributes to SDA/DPA resistance.
  • Asymmetric device authentication by means of card verifiable certificates
  • Supports secure messaging through the provision of digital signatures.
  • Storage of certificate data objects (such as X.509 certificates)