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TalkSECURE Wireline 10.x and TalkSECURE Wireless 10.x

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General Dynamics Decision Systems has developed the TalkSECURE Wireline and the TalkSECURE Wireless telephone to provide end-to-end assurance of secure communications within and between the conventional wired environment and the wireless GSM domain. The products provide end-to-end secure voice and data communications for wireless-to-wireless, wireless to landline and landline-to-landline applications using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and are easily software upgradeable to take advantage of future performance enhancements and capability improvements.

The TalkSECURE Wireline interfaces with a standard desktop telephone or PC and is capable of encrypting both voice and data. The small footprint allows it to be used in an office environment with minimal space, or as a portable device that can be easily transported to remote or temporary locations. Operation of the terminal is simple with voice prompts and text display to provide the user with menu options, instructions, and feedback.

The TalkSECURE Wireless handset is a standard Motorola commercial product, operating in the 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz GSM bands which provides nearly world wide coverage. The phone offers all the features users have come to expect in a modern GSM cellular telephone and is coupled with a TalkSECURE security module that provides users with the same capabilities and level of security as the TalkSECURE Wireline.

Version 10 of the TalkSECURE product contains a feature known as Call Setup Encryption (CSE). This feature provides both authentication and key exchange encryption. When enabled it increases the security of the system.

DSD has approved use of these phones by Australian government agencies for the protection of material classified up to RESTRICTED and PROTECTED. Unless CSE has enabled with DSD approved key material then they are approved for HIGHLY PROTECTED material as well.

Please Note: The Certification Report and Security Target for this product is currently unavailable. For further information please contact