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Timestamp Server

2.0.2 Patch 1
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PKI Products
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Timestamp Server is part of a new generation of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) components designed to meet the complex requirements of today's enterprise. The ability to be able to prove the time and date that a contract was signed, or that a fund was transferred, is of the utmost importance in e-Commerce.

The purpose of the Timestamp Server is to respond to a request for a signed time stamp from a remote client. Typically, this time stamp will be used to provide unforgeable evidence of a particular document at a particular point in time. To achieve this, the time stamp must be irrevocably tied to the document itself using a hash value of the document, and must be signed by a trusted authority - the Time Stamp Authority.

Timestamp Server runs on Windows NT and offers a complete system for the issuance of timestamps. In summary, UniCERT Timestamp Server:

  • supports RSA (2048) and DSA (1024) keys; 
  • is X.509 standards compliant; 
  • supports multiple independent timestamping services (Time Stamp Authorities) on the same machine, each of which can use different signing keys and implement different timestamp issuing policies; 
  • supports an extendable set of different UTC time sources e.g. the system clock, NTP or GPS; 
  • can use hardware security modules to perform its cryptographic operations; 
  • maintains comprehensive and secure transaction and audit logs; 
  • comes complete with a client application kit, which allows you to integrate timestamp requests into your own applications; 
  • includes a fully functional demonstration application; 
  • works with any standards-based Certificate Authority, including Baltimore's UniCERT Version 3.1.2 (accredited to ITSEC E3).