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Tumbleweed Messaging Management System

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Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
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The Messaging Management System (MMS) is a solution for SMTP and HTTP Communications Stream Management that addresses requirements for Secure Messaging (S/MIME) Capability, Long-Term Archiving and Retrieval, Policy Based Management of communication streams, and Message Monitor and Review.

MMS is designed to assist organisations in carrying out Corporate Governance by applying messaging countermeasures such as content filtering, Spam blocking and anti-virus control at the electronic communications level.

MMS is a policy-based system that can enact a variety of measures based on a particular policy rule. The policies are configured through a number of GUI-based policy managers through which the rules and consequences are defined. The policy managers are as listed below:

MMS Content Manager: Create policies based on keyword searching criteria to scan messages and attachments for specific information such as:

  • Confidential Information
  • Proprietary Information
  • Classified Codes
  • Credit Card Numbers

MMS Security Manager: Create policies to enable encryption of potentially sensitive information traveling to and from servers using an S/MIME public key of each organisation thus creating S/MIME VPNs. Security Manager handles all digital certificates at the server level eliminating the need to deploy desktop encryption or manage individual public keys.

MMS Access Manager: Create policies that restrict email from certain senders or to certain recipients. Policies can be enforced to:

  • Block inbound messages from known Spam domains.
  • Prevent confidential information being sent to a competitor's email domain.
  • Preserve network bandwidth by blocking large messages or deferring the message for off-peak delivery.

The MMS Virus Manager: Create policies to integrate server based anti-virus software from Network Associates to detect and optionally clean or strip infected attachments in both incoming and outgoing messages. Virus manager can be configured to update automatically on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

The MMS Format Manager: Create policies to strip or rewrite addresses in message headers to protect the internal network architecture and the privacy of email senders.