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v-GO Access Accelerator Suite

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Access Control Devices and Systems
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Passlogix v-GO Access Accelerator Suite (Previously known as V-G0 Sign-On Platform Product Suite)

The Target Of Evaluation consists of five Passlogix V-GO Products that make up the Passlogix v-GO Access Accelerator Suite 6.0. The main product is V-GO SSO, which responds to requests for user credentials from any Windows, Web or Mainframe/Host application. SSO provides the single-sign-on functionality. The remaining four products in the V-GO Sign-On Platform are add-ons to SSO, including: V-GO AM, which enables organisations to bridge strong authentication to all of their applications, including smart cards, biometrics and Entrust authenticators; V-GO PM, which provides the ability for an administrator to automatically provision V-GO SSO with a user’s ID and password by using a provisioning system; V-GO Session Manager (SM), which provides a solution that addresses the needs of traditional Single Sign-Off in a kiosk environment by suspending or closing inactive sessions; and V-GO Self Service Password Reset (SSPR), which enables workstation users to reset their own Windows domain passwords without the intervention of administrative or help-desk personnel