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Verizon UniCERT

Product Type
PKI Products
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Augmented by ALC_FLR.2
Product Description

Verizon UniCERT version is a complete application suite which provides the functionality required to implement and maintain a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system. The primary function of the TOE is to issue and manage digital certificates that allow other IT systems to verify the identity of the holder. Features include a certification authority, PKI management, certificate registration and lifecycle management functions.

UniCERT is a flexible and highly-scalable solution for delivering a PKI supportive of industry standards for cryptographic operations in environments requiring strong authentication. It includes the capability to integrate with and utilise hardware security modules for cryptographic key storage and protection. UniCERT provides for manual and automatic receipt and processing of requests for key generation, certificate generation, key archival and certificate suspension/revocation through a number of built-in protocol handlers. Management functions are provided through various web based interfaces.