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VeroGuard HSM Digital ID for Open Networks

Product Type
ICs, Smart Cards and Smart Card related Devices and Systems
Product Status
In evaluation
Assurance Level
Assurance Level Notes
Product Description

The VeroGuard Digital ID solution provides multi factor authentication for open networks using encrypted data. The solution consists of a handheld HSM with a PIN Entry Device (PED) “the VeroCard” and the VeroGuard Identity platform with its own HSM. The VeroGuard Identity platform authenticates PIN validation attempts generated from the VeroCard. The solution is suitable for secure authentication across open networks such as the public internet. Authorisation of third-party applications is available through the VeroGuard Identity platform. Authorisation of Windows credentials is available through the VeroGuard Serenity Credential Manager, included in the TOE.

Possible applications of the TOE include:

  • Secure access to Windows and other desktops without a password
  • Secure access to web sites and applications from any Bluetooth enabled device.