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Votiro Secure Data Sanitisation Engine

Product Type
Other Devices and Systems
Product Status
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Product Components
The TOE is designed to run on a Windows Server 2016 OS
Product Description

Votiro SDS is designed to supplement the traditional sandboxing approach for securing files entering a network. It can help detect and prevent zero-day and other advanced threats that are designed to work around the general sandboxing approach. The TOE allows users to submit files to it via API calls which are then processed according to configurable policy rules.

The TOE claims the following security functions


Security Function 




Security Audit 


The TOE is capable of generating audit logs of relevant security events including all file transactions and configuration changes.

File transactions are identified by the file name whilst configuration changes are implicitly attributed to the administrator of the underlying OS. 


User Data Protection 


The TOE is capable of receiving files and processing them according to a predefined flow policy. These files can then be allowed, denied or handed off to the CDR subsystem of the TOE. 

The TOE also ensures that any residual information is deleted after it is no longer needed.



Security Management 


The TOE is capable of accepting configuration via XML files 




The TOE is capable of maintaining the anonymity of its file deconstruction process. 


Protection of the TSF 


The TOE is capable of providing reliable timestamps and in the event of an error failing in a secure manner. 


Resource Utilisation


The TOE is capable of limiting resource utilisation in order to prevent a DOS situation.