Imperva Web Application Firewall v14.7P20


Imperva Web Application Firewall v14.7P20

Product type: 

Detection Devices and Systems

Product Status: 

In evaluation

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Evaluation Facility: 

Teron Labs

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Imperva Inc.

One Curiosity Way, Suite 203
California 94403, USA


Eyal Cohen
Senior Product Manager - WAF Gateway

Product Description:

Imperva Web Application Firewall (WAF) v14.7P20 provides protection from attacks against Web and Web Services asset, both within the organization (insider attacks) and from without. Imperva WAF protects Web servers by analyzing network traffic flowing to and from protected servers and applications, detecting requests that may be indicative of intrusion, and reacting by reporting the events and/or blocking the suspected traffic. The product is deployed as one or more WAF appliances (physical, virtual, or cloud) and controlled by a management system, MX Management Server (MX) appliance. In a multi-tier management configuration, one or more MXs may be managed by a SecureSphere Operation Manager (SOM).

The different appliance models all run the same WAF v14.7P20 software and provide all claimed security functionality but may differ in throughput and storage capacity. Imperva WAF software (including both management and/or WAF components) may alternatively be installed on a Virtual Machine (VM) hosted by a VMware ESX/ESXi Hypervisor. The Virtual Machine emulates the WAF v14.7P20 appliance hardware. The VMware Hypervisor and underlying hardware is considered to be outside of the boundaries of the Target of Evaluation.