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Step 3: Run a malware scan (Windows 10 only)

Icon of a computer screen being scanned

Ransomware may still be on your device even after you force quit the suspicious program. Use a malware scanner to find and remove the ransomware.

How to run a malware scan

Do this using the malware scanning tool on your device. You may already have a tool that came with your computer. If you don't know the name of your malware program, you can search for it. 

Note that a malware scan could take several hours.

  • For Microsoft Windows 10: Search your computer for key search terms such as Microsoft Defender or Antivirus. Find your scanning tool, then launch a malware scan and delete any malware identified. For more assistance, follow our steps in the step-by-step guide to performing a malware scan.

At this stage, it is strongly recommended to take photos or notes of any suspicious programs, files, pop-ups, and other key details you encounter while running the malware scan.