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Step 4: Write down key details

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It is important to write down the details of your ransomware incident. Having notes will help you after the attack and may help others.

Detailed information can lead to better results

Making a note of the incident details will help you:

  • ask for help from a professional
  • make an insurance, bank or legal claim that may follow after the attack
  • make a report to your financial institution or ReportCyber
  • tell your customers, friends, or family that there has been an issue

How to write down key details

Take note of the date, time, file details, first signs of ransomware, and affected devices. Note what you were doing immediately before the first signs of ransomware. Also, note the time you disconnected your device. Record the actions you have taken during the ransomware attack.

Write down or take a photo of the ransom note or link. Make sure you use an unaffected device to write your notes.

Write down what you can now and add more details as you go through each step.