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Software vulnerabilities

Thirteen High Impact IOS vulnerabilities outlined by Cisco

Sep 28, 2018 - This week Cisco Systems released its semi-annual Software Security Advisory Report detailing a number of vulnerabilities in its IOS and IOS XE switch and router operating software. Cisco, a manufacturer of networking hardware and telecommunications equipment, listed a total of 13 vulnerabilities which, if left unpatched, could enable an attacker to gain system privileges or cause a denial of service (DoS) on an affected device. Cisco has labelled all of the 13 vulnerabilities a Security Impact Rating (SIR) of High.

Apache advises urgent patching of Struts

Aug 24, 2018 - Developers, organisations and companies are being urged to upgrade Apache Struts today to ensure critical infrastructure and customer data is not put at risk. The new remote code execution vulnerability affects all supported versions of Apache Struts 2, Apache Software Foundation said. Apache Struts is a globally popular framework used for creating Java web applications. A patched version has been released today.
Drupal 8 logo

Vulnerability in the Drupal content management system

Jul 1, 2018 - The ACSC has become aware of a critical vulnerability in the Drupal content management system. This potentially allows attackers to exploit multiple attack vectors on a Drupal site, which could result in the site being completely compromised. Drupal assesses this vulnerability as critical. If you are using a version of Drupal prior to 7.58 or 8.51, the ACSC recommends that you upgrade immediately as per Drupal's advice.