First published: 05 Sep 2022
Last updated: 25 Feb 2023

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To report a cybercrime, cyber security incident, cyber security vulnerability, or to check an existing ReportCyber report, please select this option to start your reporting journey.
To make a general enquiry or provide feedback, please select this option and provide details in the form below.
To enable us to assist you with your media enquiry, please select this option and provide details in the form below.
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If there is an immediate threat to life or risk of harm please call 000.

Report a cybercrime to the Police

This is where a crime has occurred that involves a computer and a network. This can include things like identity theft, fraud, image abuse and intimidation. Anyone can be a victim of cybercrime - from individuals to government entities.

Report a cyber security incident to the ASD's ACSC

This is when an unwanted or unexpected cyber event has impacted a registered ABN organisation and its ability to conduct its everyday operations. This includes incidents of ransomware, data breach, unauthorised system access and more.

Report a cyber security vulnerability to the ASD's ACSC

This is where you can advise the ASD's ACSC of a flaw or security vulnerability in an application, network or operating system that could affect anyone if exploited.

Want to check the status of a previous cybercrime report?

If you have previously lodged a cybercrime report, you can check its status. Please make sure you have the following details ready before you start:

  • The CIRS report number (Example: CIRS-20180512-1)
  • The reporter's email address used to submit the initial report

Please note, if you submitted the report anonymously you will not be able to check its status.

Check the status of an existing Cybercrime report


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Call the Australian Cyber Security Hotline

1300 CYBER1 (1300 292 371)

Write to the ASD's ACSC by post

Alternatively you can write to us at:
General enquiries
PO Box 5076

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