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Be on the lookout for cyber scams

Cybercriminals are known to use email, text messages, social media and phone calls to take advantage of Australians. 

They will often try to steal your passwords, access your computer or trick you into performing specific actions to achieve their goals. 

What can you do?

National Anti-Scam Centre - Scamwatch is run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). National Anti-Scam Centre - Scamwatch provide resources to help Australians recognise, avoid and report scams. 

If you receive a scam message or phone call, you should ignore, delete and report it to National Anti-Scam Centre - Scamwatch. 

If you think the security of your accounts or devices has been compromised, use our Have You Been Hacked tool for advice on what to do and whether you should report the incident to ReportCyber.  

If you believe your identity to be at risk, visit the IDCARE website for more information.  

Unsure if a message is a scam?

If you think a message or call might truly be from an organisation you trust (such as your bank) use a contact method you can trust. Search for the official website, call their advertised phone number, or visit their physical store. 

Do not use links or contact details given to you over email, text or phone call, as these could be fraudulent.  

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