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This page lists the ACSC’s publications on securing the use of cloud computing services.

Anatomy of a Cloud Assessment and Authorisation

This publication is co-designed with industry to support the secure adoption of cloud services across government and industry.

Cloud Assessment and Authorisation – Frequently Asked Questions

This publication provides answers relating to frequently asked questions on the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)’s new cloud security guidance, future support, government self-assessment and cloud security assessment reports.

Cloud Computing Security Considerations

Cloud computing offers potential benefits including cost savings and improved business outcomes for organisations. However, there are a variety of information security risks that need to be carefully considered. Risks will vary depending on the sensitivity of the data to be stored or processed, and how the chosen cloud vendor (also referred to as a cloud service provider) has implemented their specific cloud services.

Cloud Computing Security for Cloud Service Providers

This publication is designed to assist assessors validating the security posture of a cloud service in order to provide organisations with independent assurance of security claims made by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). This publication can also assist CSPs to offer secure cloud services.

Cloud Computing Security for Tenants

This publication is designed to assist an organisation’s cyber security team, cloud architects and business representatives to jointly perform a risk assessment and use cloud services securely.

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