Updates are one of the strongest defences in your security toolkit

Updating your device and applications can fix issues and address new security concerns. Updates can also add new features to your app or device.

Updates are new, improved, or fixed versions of software

Regular updates are critical in maintaining a secure system. It's important to check for any updates and make sure that automatic updates are switched on. 

Cyber criminals hack devices by using known weaknesses in systems or apps. Updates have security upgrades to fix these weaknesses. You can turn on automatic updates so that this happens without your input.

To turn on automatic updates, follow one of our guides

For Apple macOS or iOS users

Follow the steps in our guide for updating Apple iOS and updating Apple macOS.

For Microsoft Windows and Android users

Follow the steps in our guide for updating Microsoft Windows and updating Android devices.

For older devices

If your device cannot update – for example, if it is too old – you may need to upgrade to a new device. This means it will not receive security updates, software updates or technical support. This is called “end of support” and is the expiry date of the software. If you find this happening to your device and you can't update, it’s time for a new device. 


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