First published: 17 Jul 2023
Last updated: 17 Jul 2023

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The Australian Signals Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is urging all Australians to report cybercrimes immediately to ReportCyber amid the growing number of cybercrimes impacting Australians.

Reporting cybercrimes is easy and can be done anonymously. The ASD's ACSC’s ReportCyber is an easy to use tool to securely report cybercrimes. Reports submitted by individuals will be referred directly to the relevant state or territory law enforcement agency.

Every report of a cybercrime counts as it provides vital information to the ASD's ACSC and law enforcement. Each report helps authorities build a better understanding of cyber threats and trends, and protect other Australians from similar attacks.

The most recent ASD's ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report indicates that no-one is immune to cyber threats, with one cybercrime reported to the ASD's ACSC every 7 minutes on average. Cybercrimes can have serious consequences, including financial loss, damage to reputation, and even personal harm. By visiting, individuals can better protect themselves and recover quickly if they fall victim to a cybercriminal.

There a number of simple steps Australians can take to protect their online information and assets including using strong and unique passphrases for all accounts, regularly updating software and devices to the latest security patches, and being alert when opening emails and clicking links. The ASD's ACSC also recommends using multi-factor authentication – a multi-step account log-in process to add an extra layer of security to online accounts and regularly backing up important data to a safe and secure location.

The ASD's ACSC’s Have You Been Hacked? tool, also allows individuals to step through a series of scenarios to help them determine what to do if they’re a victim of a cybercrime. This tool is available on the website and can help individuals and businesses take necessary steps to recover and secure their accounts if their details have been compromised.

The ASD's ACSC is committed to helping individuals stay secure online. The Report and Recover page offers valuable advice and guidance for anyone who may have been impacted by a cybercrime or cyber incident. Visit for more information. If you’ve been impacted by a scam, report it to National Anti-Scam Centre - Scamwatch irrespective of whether you have lost money or personal information.

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