First published: 11 Sep 2023
Last updated: 11 Sep 2023

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The Australian Signal’s Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ASD's ACSC) incident management capabilities provide technical advice and assistance to support Australian organisations through a cyber security incident response.

In September, ASD’s ACSC introduced a new publication, How the ASD's ACSC can help during a cyber security incident. It’s intended for professionals who lead an organisation’s incident response and provides guidance on:

  • reporting a cyber security incident to ASD’s ACSC
  • the ASD's ACSC’s role in whole of government cyber security incident response
  • becoming a Partner.

Remember to report early, and report often. Each cyber security incident reported assists with the development of new and updated cyber security advice, capabilities, and techniques. Your report helps protect others and contributes to building a stronger understanding of the evolving cyber threat environment.

Read the new How the ASD's ACSC can help during a cyber security incident publication and learn how ASD’s ACSC can support your organisation if you are impacted by a cyber security incident.

If you have recently experienced a cyber security incident, report it to the ASD's ACSC via ReportCyber, or call the Australian Cyber Security Centre Hotline on 1300 CYBER1 (1300 292 371).

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