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Do you know how to choose secure and verifiable digital products and services for your organisation?

Today, the Australian Signals Directorate has released a new Secure-by-Design advisory, Choosing Secure and Verifiable Technologies, developed and co-sealed with our Five Eyes partners.

Secure-by-Design aims to increase cyber security resilience by integrating security practices into every stage of the digital lifecycle, from design through to deprecation. Its core value is to protect user privacy and data through manufacturers designing, building and delivering digital products and services with fewer vulnerabilities. By investing in secure products and services, organisations can better protect themselves from the start, increasing their resilience, reducing their risks and their reliance on, and the associated costs of, future patches for vulnerabilities and other costly cyber risk mitigations.

The advisory provides organisations with Secure-by-Design considerations for the procurement of digital products and services, enabling them to make better-informed assessments and decisions, and empowering them to demand more secure products and services from manufacturers. Pre‑purchase and post‑purchase procurement considerations are provided to help organisations consider the various aspects of purchasing secure products.

For manufacturers, the paper highlights Secure-by-Design considerations for the design and development of digital products and services, and poses a range of key security questions and expectations they can anticipate from their customers.

Read the paper and find out more about Choosing Secure and Verifiable Technologies.

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